What We Do Best


The practice of law covers a wide variety of different type of cases and clients. While we would love to talk to everyone about their case and represent them all, obviously that just is not possible. Below are the typical types of cases that we regularly handle, but feel free to call us if you have any questions about what type of case you have or what type of counsel you may need.

Criminal Defense

We represent you on any crime regardless of whether they are felonies, misdemeanors, or local ordinances

Traffic Offenses

We represent you on any traffic charge whether it be a speeding case to DUI or Vehicular Homicide.

Post-Convection Relief

Motions to Reconsider, Appeals to higher Courts, and Habeas Corpus relief.

Probation Violations

Allegations that a probationer is not following the rules of his/hers probation.

Accident Cases

Cases that result because of negligence of others causing injuries and/or property damage

Slip and Fall

Injury cases that result because of a defect or unsafe condition at a property.

Personal Injury

Injury cases that result because of the negligence of others whether it be other drivers, professionals, or defective products.

Wrongful Death

Cases that result from the negligence, abuse, or mistreatment by others causing the death of a loved one.

Unlawful Incarcerations

Incarceration that results from illegal actions of law enforcement or other individuals.

Asset Forfeitures

Condemnation by the State of any property alleged to be contraband or assets from a criminal enterprise.


*** DUI violations in the State of Georgia may have a 1205 form which is the State’s attempt to civilly terminate driving privileges prior to a disposition of the DUI citation (See O.C.G.A. § 40-5- 67.1 for the Administrative License Suspension process). This form should always be assumed to be pending, because if you do not submit a request for a hearing on your driving privileges within thirty calendar days from the date of the arrest, your privileges to drive in the State of Georgia could be suspended after forty-five days. While the hearing requests do require a filing fee of $150.00 to be properly requested, we encourage everyone to request the hearing within that thirty day period if there is any doubt. Failure to timely request the hearing waives your right to have a hearing on your driving privileges. Consequently, your license could be lost until there is resolution of the underlying criminal charge. Confused and/or Concerned? Come in and talk to us within the thirty days.